Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Riot Radio Show #10

Riot Radio show #10

SOS- wasteland Temptress
Temporal Sluts- Sex Pope
Found Dead in Trunk- Gacey
Damn Broads- all the punks say
The New Flesh- Hopeless
The Runs- Constipated
The MAGS- search results for: Punk
Seizure Crypt- Fight to kill
Yesterday's Heroes- O'Hara
Catastrophic Nonsense- Metal is Dead
Gone Drinkin'- love affair
The Vignettes- lose my mind
Hot Things- 1989
The Miscreants- muscle breakfast
By Any Means Necessary- prison rape
Feet First- shooting lies
The Apes Party- shot the ghost
Sexually Retarded- Waterboarding boogie
Violation- elvis is dead
Rough on Rats- Vestige of decay

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