Monday, July 8, 2013

Show #54

Riot Radio Show #54

Unavoidable- the bloody age
Sickoids- funeral
Bad Energy- mondo cane
Tukatukas- real love
Tight Bros- not what you asked for
Gasmask Terror- la corde au cou
Grand Collapse- ailment
Hero Dishonest- kipu
Neo Cons- no allegiances
Lisa Doll & The Rock N' Roll Romance- bubblegum boy
Paranoias- malase
Born Wrong- torch the place
The Miscreantz- muscle breakfast
Lebendon Toten- death culture
Dipers- dog mosh
Upchuck Norris- nj turnpike
Gone Drinkin'- moving forward
Guerrilleros De Nadie- aun existe
Creamers- don't look down
Illegal Action- never gonna fall in love
The Nackers- she's a birrova trump
The Adults- serfin' the shitty seas
Combat Crisis- d.t.t.r.
The Panix- no time to waste
Dopestroke- with my gun
Broadcast Zero- i don't care
The Fighting 405- workers world
The Legacys- friendly fire
Negative Degree- nada para ti
Brutal Youth- guts and black stuff
Eat The Government- another war
White Load- pig eyes
Subsistance- network assault
Stray Wolfs- stray wolfs
Skullians- heatscore
The Apes Party- nobody get worry
Found Dead In A Trunk- prescription for suicide
M.N.S.- m.n.s.
Pussy Collector- not being a dick, just being real
Skunx- law and order
Convicted Youth- prick
Media Blitz- leaving the nest
The MAGS- all you've got
Manovalanza- fate come volete
Damn Broads- the ballad of danny vineyard

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