Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Riot Radio Show #6

Riot Radio Show #6

Gone Drinkin'- Missing the point
The Barons- Raw Deal
The Adhesives- Beer Party
The Runs- Latex love
The Vignettes- What Ever happened to rock n' roll
The Legacys- Struggle
The Screwballz- East Coast Skins
The Miscreantz- Muscle Breakfast
Feet First- Rx Life
Silence Wields No Beauty- October
Big City Bombers- Riot Girl
Spew- Reasons known
Manovalanza- Fra poggi e castagni
Gone Drinkin'- Summer camp 88
By Any Means Necessary- Corporate Sacrifice
The Runs- Something to say
Sputnic- Don't touch my things
The Apes Party- burritos dreamin'
The Barons- Kill your television
The Vignettes- Megalith; or the battle of Yin Chuan

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