Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Riot Radio Show #7

Riot Radio Show#7

The Legacys- Friendly fire
Manovalanza- Voglia di guarire
Gone Drinkin'- Punx no class
The Barons- 2 fast 2 live
The Adhesives- shed sucker
The Vignettes- Up & Down
The Runs- Blue collar punk
The Miscreantz- Blood, Sweat, Beers
Big City Bombers- Never Back Down
Spew- Friday Night
The Nackers- Smash your head off
Yesterday's Heroes- Anthem for the forgotten
The Apes party- i don't give a shit
Catastrophic Nonsense- sell outs
Gone Drinkin'- Fuck light beer
A Common Goal- Drag You Down
Bobba Fett Youth- Celebrity Gun
The Vignettes- Modern Wasteland
The Runs- Fuck the music
Feet First- Weekend Punx

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