Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Riot Radio Show #12

Riot Radio Show# 12

The Fighting 405- workers world
The Panix- Beatdown
Aristokoks- Gotta gun to your head
Koolidge- bored of whores
Combat Crisis- face the crowd
Big City Bombers- under the gun
Damn Broads- ballad of danny vinyard
Found Dead In Trunk- let's hate
The MAGS- penetrate the earth
Seizure Crypt- the last icon
The New Flesh- meat market
Stupidity- pure stupidity
Rough on Rats- shame
Feet First- life like this
Temporal Sluts- you drink too much
Gone Drinkin'- Summer Camp '88
SOS- half mast
A Common Goal- the cavalry
Yesterday's Heroes- where do we go from here
Combat Crisis- your life
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