Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Riot Radio Show #13

Riot Radio Show# 13

The Miscreantz- Education
Found Dead in Trunk- My Disease
Animal Train- welcome to the commonwealth
Aristokoks- TV dinner
Combat Crisis- d.t.t.r
Temporal Sluts- Mafia boys
Damn Broads- we got the beat
The Panix- skin and bone
Seizure Crypt- Drug pig
Spew- reasons known
Koolidge- fucked over
Rough on Rats- Beating on Rocks
Yesterday's Heroes- Friday night
Found Dead in Trunk- Combat zone
Stupidity- Too bad
The Nackers- Buddy buddy
The New Flesh- Broken Glass
The Vignettes- up & down
The Miscreantz- quit your chatter
The MAGS- friends or furniture
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