Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Riot Radio Show #16

Riot Radio Show#16

Distress Signal- pulse decay
Eat the Government- another war
Animal Train- baby steps
Moshiach Oi!- i wanna learn torah
Convicted Youth- MDAMC
The Hated- barfight
J.C.D.- asylum earth
The Miscreantz- social reject
Combat Crisis- we represent
Aristokoks- plastic world
The MAGS- just chill
Big City Bombers- riot girl
Found Dead In Truck- don't give a fuck
The Adhesives- beer party
Distress Signal- Expatriate
The Legacys- us against them
Eat the Government- racist scum
Stereo Atomico- out to do some damage
The Screwballz- east coast skins
Moshiach Oi!- i love torah
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