Friday, January 7, 2011

Riot Radio Show #17

Riot Radio show #17

The Hated- Troubled Oi
The Aristokoks- hypocricy
Eat the Government- People not contraband/no government
Combat Crisis- misled
Stereo Atomico- down the hatch
Convicted Youth- abortion survivor
Found Dead in Trunk- the real thing
The Miscreantz- love lay
J.C.D.- white lies
Distress Signal- perverting the motherland
Moshiach Oi!- baruch hashem
Animal Train- hideaway
Love Panther- booze n' drugs
Damn Broads- right to choose, right to lose
Eat the Government- tattered elite
Feet First- Rx Life
No Comply- no comply
King Street Terror- throwing bottles at people
The Legacys- i want a cadillac
Suicidal Sacrifice- insomnia
Left Over Kids- on my way
The Barons- party on
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