Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Riot Radio Show #18

The Hated- Barfight
Abserdo- sit down, shut up
Combat Crisis- listen up
Eat the Government- They force us to obey/ chills moans and creeps
Koolidge- dance for us scene kid
Moshiach Oi!- hashem s'fasai tiftach
J.C.D.- static television
Damn Broads!- CTCP
The Legacys- friendly fire
Stereo Atomico- need and want
Distress Signal- fools gold
Left Over Kids- battle of thorr
The New Flesh- vessel
Rough on Rats- vestige of decay
Temporal Sluts- silver lake
Found dead in a Trunk- cupcakes
Eat the Government- first 18 years
Rally Cap- tom sez phill you like ink and dagger and they sound just like swiz
The Rum Fits- hey mama-sita
The Fighting 405- workers world
King Street Terror- Quebec belongs to me
Abserdo- bomb threats rule
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