Sunday, June 12, 2011

Show #27

Riot Radio Show #27

Stomping Ground- Pepsirock
Blue Collar Convicts- don't know where to begin
Germ Attak- servitude
Fuck Attack- oh yeah?
Moshiach Oi!- all praise
Laffing Life- laffing life
Upchuck Norris- ???
Aristokoks- affirmation monkey
The Trowels- drop in drop out
Bucket Flush- peeping tom
Eat the Government- ride the wire
The Barons- mercury rising
Manovalanza- una sola esigenza
(Download live album here
Animal Train- n.r.a.
Rubbish- bow to no one
The Panix- skin and bone
Go Die Scum- pork on your fork
The McGunks- who's laughing now
The Miscreantz- is this reality
The Screwballz- east coast skins
East End Radicals- go go johnny
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