Friday, July 1, 2011

Show #28

Riot Radio Show #28

Skullians- doomsville
Fruit Punch- bring the rain
Fuck Attack- shit i deal with
Midnight Saints- taking it back
Aristokoks- hit song
Mongrel- amerikkkan way
J.C.D.- asylum earth
Germ Attak- domination
Bucket Flush- cum bum
Laffing Life- childbarer
Sound Off- 401 pride
Manovalanza- sotto controllo (free live Manovalanza album)
Eat the Government- your god
The Legacys- determination
Youth of Togay- late night rider
The Trowels- heavy on the lime
The Vignettes- f.u.u.f.f.
Dennis Most & The Instigators- there is a mall
Skullians- black eyes
Animal Train- off the track
East End Radicals- dictator's lap
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