Sunday, October 16, 2011

Show #35

Riot Radio Show #35

Pussy Collector- shocker
Blood Bomber- reveal the ugly truth
Upchuck Norris- porcelain telephone/ bong hit barfs
Brutal Youth- artful
Comvicted Youth- prick
Subsistance- who draws the line
Terminals- pissin'
Damn Broads!- fuck pay to play shows
Spent Flesh- dismal times
Pretty Bullshit- puddle jumpin'
Aristokoks- macbeth
Machine Gun Dolly- one shot one kill
No Lessons Learned- crucial texts
Bildo and the Reacharounds- nuclear fishing
Midnight Saints- taking it back
SpEd- p.s.a.
Brutal Youth- emotional terrorism
Distress Signal- expatriated
Eat The Government- circle
Lebenden Toten- serene fuckers
Self Conscious- born yesterday/ eaten alive
Vulgar Manor- no one's in control
Sheer Contempt- what's in store
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