Saturday, October 1, 2011

Show #34

Riot Radio Show #34

Brutal Youth- 2 hits!
Bildo and the Reacharounds- the situation
Lebenden Toten- pawn sacrifice
G-Men- white flag up
Laffing Life- unacceptable world
Nightfall- crematorium
Lapse- trend
Eddie Brock- pointer thumb pinky
Rubbish- young sluts
Lighten Up- summer fiction
Chronic Submission- death squad
SpEd- spill the beans
Self Conscious- i guess i'll have my own best friends day
No Lessons Learned- industry secrets
Sheer Contempt- killing the middle class
Night Fever- wasted
Moshiach Oi!- amalek
The Miscreantz- social reject
Machine Gun Dolly- friends and ennemies
Youth of Togay- late night rider
Skunx- no future
Brutal Youth- square dancing: what is it?
Damn Broads!- work sux oh fuck!
Skullians- last call
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