Saturday, December 17, 2011

Show #38

Riot Radio Show #38

Manipulation- silence
Spanner- choose to refuse
Blackout Shoppers- stained sheets
Creamers- purgatory
Upchuck Norris- yog-up
Broadcast Zero- i don't care
Moshiach Oi!- smash your idols
Lebenden Toten- theatre of death
Convicted Youth- shrt
Ardmore Assault- i wish i didn't know you
No Lessons Learned- the self-titled song
Germ Attak- burn the city
Eat The Government- the collective will of the people
Dead People Screaming- partymidnightgraveyardgo
The Brat Attack- end the occupation
Blackout Shoppers- gashuffer
Skullians- black eyes
Combat Crisis- we represent
The Panix- no time to waste
The Hated- barfight
The Legacys- struggle
The Nackers- she's a birrova trump
The Apes Party- liperli
The Runs- end of days
Gone Drinkin'- punx no class
Temporal Sluts- mafia boys
The Miscreantz- it's over
Damn Broads!- this is it
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