Friday, January 13, 2012

Show #39

Riot Radio #39

Skaphism- to serve and infest
Escapist- moving backwards
Congenital Death- hate song
Capital Crisis- untitled?
Blackout Shoppers- smash & grab
M.N.S.- kriminale kids
The Rotten- the streets
Creamers- don't look down
Pussy Collector- annual clearance @ the jerk store
Scum- no peace
Manipulation- under the influence
Lebenden Toten- commodities
Convicted Youth- welfare trash
Spanner- autonomous spaces
Damn Broads!- you're gonna die
Feet First- feet first
Upchuck Norris- bulimia party
Self Conscious- ambo
Congenital Death- tooth & nail
Dead People Screaming- the trouble with words
Gone Wrong- amazon list
Moshiach Oi!- got nothing on me
Broadcast Zero- the devil song
M.N.S- 2008
A.S.D.- heroin
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