Friday, March 16, 2012

Show #41

Riot Radio #41

Dopestroke- we get high
Sickoids- my curse
Blackout Shoppers- holy scroll toilet roll
Manipulation- subversive intent
The Class War Kids- we're gonna be alright
Escapist- pigs
The Dirty Works- it's yours
Skaphism- the des plaines river
Pretty Bullshit- out of my head
Appalachian Terror Unit- judgmental ignorant stupid and blind
Go Die Scum- condoblivion
Damn Broads!- pay to play
The Hated- troubled oi!
Broadcast Zero- alien
M.N.S.- whisky con ghiacco
Congenital Death- squares
Fuck Attack- ride the outside
Signals- damage report
Sale Gauloise- chronique d'un psychopathe
Spanner- test tube future
Upchuck Norris- threw up 8 times
The Legacys- friendly fire
A.S.D.- pig roast
Dopestroke- bad guy
Fruit Punch- bring the rain
Scum- torture
State Violence- stagger
Convicted Youth- it's the end
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