Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show #42

Riot Radio Show #42

Subsistance-  re-educating the rich
Population Zero- nothings learned
Negative Degree- nada para ti
Appalachian Terror Unit- meat punks
State Violence- noose
White Load- pig eyes
Manipulation- static kill
Dopestroke- with my gun
The Mostly Dead- nevernude
Casanovas In Heat- lynx hunt
The Dirty Works- sick and board
A.S.D.- brain damage
Congenital Death- empty
Scum- fill the void
Sickoids- dive
Broadcast Zero- wake me up
M.N.S.- m.n.s.
Skunx- call girl tramp
Negative Degree- hopeless
Escapist- dead weight
Skaphism- illegitimate bullshit
The Mostly Dead- lost in space
Spanner- mugs game
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