Thursday, May 2, 2013

Show #52

Riot Radio Show #52

Born Wrong- always here to help
Gasmask Terror- cold war
Youth Avoiders- red eyes
Paranoias- lobotomized
KnuckleHead- we're alright
Broken Prayer- trash
Neo Cons- neo krunch
Fuck Detector- mr. holland's deaf son
Hero Dishonest- itaviinaa
Ancient Filth- fight fear
Nihilist Cunt- the end
Crippled Fox- the war
Dirty Work- off put
Lisa Doll & The Rock N' Roll Romance- let's go
Albion Gold- hail hail! the dead can dance
Lei Do Cao-  vermelho de snague
Pretty Bullshit- don't hassle me, i'm loco
The Fighting 405- falling friends
Born Wrong- no etiquette
Youth Avoiders- grit your teeth
Coffin' Fit- mundaze
Paranoias- social leprosy
Hero Dishonest- yks lisaa
War Emblem- constant defeat
Noise Complaint- kill thy neighbor
Gasmask Terror- octobre rouge
KnuckleHead- perseverance

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