Thursday, March 28, 2013

Show #51

Riot Radio #51

Neo Cons- drain brain
Hero Dishonest- systeemi ei lepaa
Ancient Filth- macho man savage
Fuck Detector- social assassin
Broken Prayer- army strong
A-Town Sluts- tweakers dance
Lei Do Cao- doce vinganca
Albion Gold- unforgiving eyes
The Dipers- courtesy flush
Born Wrong- burn a debt
Coffin' Fit- eater of cowards
Hounds And Harlots- yesterday's lies
Crippled Fox- heads up
Lisa Doll And The Rock n' Roll Romance- running wild
The Adults- soundtrack
The Fighting 405- integrity
Nihilist Cunt- generation a.d.d.
Immoral Discipline- oi oi power
War Emblem- spoils of war
Neo Cons- going commando
Noise Complaint- religious fuck
Pretty Bullshit- in all sincerity, up the punks
Dirty Work- you hate yourself
Ancient Filth- egokill
Attitude Era-  debt
Hero Dishonest- semmonen kevat
Citizen Vicious- loud, mean, fast, and dirty
Spew- tube fed
Coffin' Fit- inconclusive

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