Monday, October 28, 2013

Show #57

Riot Radio Show #57

Proletariat Punch- gravity's a myth
Damn Broads!- nature of the game
Nuklear Blast Suntan- mushroom clouds
No More Victims- a superficial science
Bad Side- humiliator
Bad Mouth- iq32
Bad Energy- community creeper dfc
La URSS- ellos compraron tu vida
Doom Town- worthless ones
ZLO- élu imeb
Youth Avoiders- affliction
The Franceens- try
Breakout- stab in the dark
War Emblem- lucid dreams
Whiskey Shits- why
PMT- hangover part 2
Sickoids- pull the plug
Nuclear Blast Suntan- personal hell
Nekromantiker- no way out
The Headies- adolescent frustration
Siren Songs- its not me
Bad Side- mind entrapment
Membrane- tabloid flesh
Hero Dishonest- vain uusi kerros valkoista
Tukatukas- tv

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