Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Show #58

Riot Radio Show #58

Doom Town- walking through walls
Silent Order- survive the darkness
Nuklear Blast Suntan- complacent living
Sonny Vincent and Bad Reactions- stare down
Bad Side- rich kids on thc
Spent Flesh- tortured machine
Proletariat Punch- convention of oppression
Youth Avoiders- long chains
Zlo- ara tapa mind, poeg
The Bad Doctors- the school of athens
The Headies- meta-pop
Hero Dishonest- samaan junaan
Ancient Filth- culture is not your friend
The Franceens- gone
Breakout- razor wire
Damn Broads- won't back down
Media Blitz- burn the world
No More Victims- does sex define respect?
Bad Energy- numbed
Whiskey Shits- worlds falling
The Adults- middles-aged
Doom Town- fatal times
The Mostly Dead- stutter
Silent Order- never trust
Hard Charger- only the grave
Nuklear Blast Suntan- join the crowd
Sickoids- empty death
La URSS- todo sobre tu hija 

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