Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Show #69


Riot Radio Show #69

Oldfashioned Ideas- loyal to my crew
Wärters schlEchte- menschenkind
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man- then you're hers
Low Charge- committed
Thing Sloth- i forgot who i am
Huiabella Fantastica- tapke mente
Nomad- yoparai
The Holidays- spectacle
Slugz- the hourglass
Grand Collapse- memoirs of heath park
Hard Charger- hand of the ripper
Davidians- born to chew(s)
Neighborhood Brats- painted and gutted
Leather- the coffee drinkers
Bad Energy- apathy
Missiles of October- six pack
Manovalanza- en los margenes
Oldfashioned Ideas- c.q.d.
The Brood- closed doors
The Pre-Nods- i'm a punk rocker
Spent Flesh- trash compactor
Low Charge- c&c
Brain Tumors- improper execute
Pageripper- the smoldering
Warters schlEchte- bottom level

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