Friday, January 2, 2015

Show #68


Riot Radio Show #68

Brassknuckle Boys- christmas in prison
Low Charge- speed
Brain Tumors- midnight surgery
Ancient Filth- dying for the weekend
Dronez- disarm
Rakta- take your time
The Brood- the void stares back
The Pre-Nods- song for beezer
Skinfull- stand proud stand true
Skullians- for fucks sake
Slugz- suit and tie
Hard Charger- tank life
No///Se- buried alive
Concrete- death of claus
Thing Sloth- big boss cop
Neighborhood Brats- heavy beating heart/ party in my brain
The Holidays- messiah
Grand Collapse- the starting bell
Oldfashioned Ideas- holidays
Manovalanza- en el fondo
Deadmen- junkies are dreamers
Leather- sinecure
Davidians- leather knights
Thee Mighty Fevers- radio burn
Nihilist Cunt- gmo
Low Charge- shut in
Shameless- made by kids

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