Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Show #72

Riot Radio Show #72-- 5 Year Anniversary

Love Panther- booze n' drugs
The Apes Party- i don't give a shit
Sickoids- permanence
Ancient Filth- egokill
The Miscreantz- is this reality
Doom Town- walking through walls
The Legacys- determination
Negative Degree- nada para ti
Bad Side- humiliator
Eat The Government- what gives you the right to kill me
Damm Broads- work sux
Born Wrong- torch the place
Media Blitz- hold us back
Broadcast Zero- i don't care
The Adults- serfin' the shitty seas
Skullians- heatscore
Guerrilleros De Nadie- se marchara
Neo Cons- nimby
Plague Dogs- barren
M.N.S.- kriminale kids
Lisa Doll & The Rock N' Roll Romance- running wild
The Fighting 405- workers world
The Charley Few- fist fight tonight
Noise Complaint- nord est
Pussy Collector- not being a dick, just being real
Upchuck Norris- sleeping in blood, puke, and urine
Dead People Screaming- partymidnightgraveyardgo
Thee Mighty Fevers- bad party
Illegal Action- never gonna fall in love
Tukatukas- real love
Gone Drinkin'- summer camp 88
Shameless- oi! for my nation
Subsistance- who draws the line
Hero Dishonest- systeemi ei lepaa
Dopestroke- negative angry and depressed
Grand Collapse- ailment
The Instigation- brainwashed
Pretty Bullshit- puddle jumpin'
Youth Avoiders- grit your teeth
Paranoias- the stuff
Nihilist Cunt- the ditch

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