Monday, August 17, 2015

Show #73

Riot Radio Show #73

Nightfall- purgatory
Urban Savage- the end
Low Charge- no time
Skullians- social protocol
Mea Culpa- dislocation
Spent Flesh- leather weather
Breakout- sheltered minds
La URSS- manifeste futuro
Ill Informed- sick and tired
Latex- hopeless days
Slimy Member- the corpse
Proletariate Punch- gitmo a go go
Stillsuit- 9
Haldol- law of indifference
Systematik- masquerade
Suicidas- la amistad
Ritual Control- it will never end
Breakout- no sooner said then done
Nightfall- sss
Spent Flesh- this city
Albondigas- braindead
La URSS- amad a dios
Stray Sheep- marina
Oldfashioned Ideas- all falls down
Pale Heads- devotion

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