Saturday, February 20, 2016

Show #77

Riot Radio Show #77

Malokio- senza scampo
Subsistance- defi a la force
Urban Savage- no cure for a sick society
AntiThought- anxiety attack/ sell me a life
Population Zero- street violence
Blank Spell- night mute
Failed Mutation- 100 times
Lethal Overdose- people lose
The Instigation- action figure
Round Eye- you can tell she's a dud
Nightfall- crematorium
Royal Oi!- punx and skins, football, oi! and rock n' roll
The Ejector Seats- deconstruction zone
Dark Thoughts- where did you go
Oldfashioned Ideas- still believe in unity
Suicidas- no volveran
The Charley Few- oi! punk
Subsistance- age of surveillance
Breakout- all's quiet
Spent Flesh- crumb bum
Pretty Hurts- expectations
Orden Mundial- escuchad
Stoic Violence- choke
Malokio- solo un sogno
William Quan- nazi girl
Make Your Mark- turn it up

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