Thursday, January 7, 2016

Show #76

Riot Radio Show #76

Orden Mundial- líderes
Blank Spell- malign eye
Systematik- bondage
Nightfall- gray skies
Breakout- true crime
Malokio- formiche
Dark Thoughts- addicted to debt
Make Your Mark- relief
Ill Gotten Gains- pipkin
Round Eye- street light a
Spent Flesh- hikikomori
Pretty Hurts- tweak
Failed Mutation- barriers
La URSS- nada es sagrado
Royal Oi!- violence
The Charley Few- actions
Urban Savage- wasted time
Suicidas- vertigo
Orden Mundial- camino inevitable
Subsistance- seize the day
Eastfield- big brother
Oldfashioned Ideas- holidays

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