Friday, April 22, 2016

Show #79

Riot Radio Show #79

Dark Thoughts- addicted to debt
Youth Avoiders- deep breath
Failed Mutation- smart enough
Blank Spell- wax
La Urss- control
Urban Savage- those who go and those who stay
Trash Knife- the party party
M.N.S.- frustrazione
Manovalanza- in attesa
Round Eye- meat n the boys
Snakehole- spider legs
Nightfall- damage drunkard
AntiThought- fascist fashion
Malokio- bambino
Breakout- different view
Orden Mundial- acción humanitaria
Subsistance- as long
Population Zero- no hope
Royal Oi!- skinhead warrior
Oldfashiond Ideas- crime city
La Urss- el poder
Dark Thoughts- nothin' to do
Haldol- time is not on our side

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