Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Show #80

Riot Radio Show #80

Tukatukas- elephant killer
No Time- no enemies
N.E.G.- clock
The Averse- pass the blame
Blackout- f.o.s.
Rogue Trooper- loose grip
Dark Thoughts- where did you go
Haram- el nabi
Failed Mutation- walk through
Snakehole- brujitas
La Urss- ciudades
Manovalanza- miserabili noi
M.N.S.- controversie
Nightfall- sacrificed
Orden Mundial- son fantasmas
Subsistance- once again
No Time- gutter dreams
Urban Savage- let thunder roar
Royal Oi!- together
Malokio- la piqure de rappel
Youth Avoiders- face up to it
Dark Thoughts- ain't no love
Oldfashioned Ideas- on and on

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