Thursday, July 28, 2016

Show # 82

Riot Radio Show #82

Cult Values- inquisition tales
Enamel- control
Rudest Priest- dong 8
M.N.S.- never surrender
Oldfashioned Ideas- still waiting
No Time- anti-social today
Dopestroke- tailspin
Rakta- intenção
N.E.G.- knife
Haram- sheyateen
La Urss- función/ defunción
Rogue Trooper- army of one
Dark Thoughts- no more soul
Youth Avoiders- no disguise
Tukatukas- paranoia
Huiabella Fantastica- no good
The Averse- don't care
Yum-Yuckers- tales of corporate horror
Enamel- locked in
Blackout- tv reality
Dopestoke- domesticide
Balsall Heathens- life's too short

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