Friday, June 24, 2016

Show #81

Riot Radio Show #81

N.E.G.- n.e.g.
No Time- man in uniform
Huiabella Fantastica- dead anyway
Nightfall- intolerable cruelty
Failed Mutation- last one standing
Rogue Trooper- public servant
Dive In The Box- for us
Royal Oi!- in my heart
The Averse- hate me more
External Menace- don't conform
Suicidas- corriendo a ciegas
Subsistance- placebo effect
Orden Mundial- todo se acaba
Haram- harami
Tukatukas- zombi
Blackout- point the blame
Yum-Yuckers- populist morality
Dark Thoughts- anything
La Urss- otros dioses
M.N.S.- manipolazioni
No Time- you'll get yours
Urban Savage- wolves
The Strike- victims

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