Friday, October 28, 2016

Show #84

Riot Radio Show #84

Ancient Filth- commodity
Macho Boys- stop the hate
Blank Spell- plastic devil
Cult Values- nothing here but ghosts
Blackout- town hall beating
Dopestroke- messiah remorse
Youth Avoiders- snake charmer
Haram- min dune aoun
Lethal Overdose- spit spit spit
Enamel- nothing
Dive In The Box- fk
Oldfashiond Ideas- only way for me
Dark Thoughts- why should i care
No Thrills- it's what's inside
Rogue Trooper- american night
La Urss- ruido de cosas muriendo
No Time- y.w.b.m.
Ancient Filth- earth brains
Rudest Priest- more prisons, more profits
Huiabella Fantastica- eile
Might Makes Right- making headlines
Make Your Mark- where's the youth
Thee Mighty Fevers- i'm a zombie
Macho Boys- papa don't preach part 2
Yum-Yuckers- map to nowhere

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