Thursday, December 1, 2016

Show #85

Riot Radio Show #85

Macho Boys- victim to blame
Blank Spell- echo chamber
Ancient Filth- true warriors
Cult Values- spazieren
Enamel- we won't smile
Dopestoke- watch me not care
Fuckin' Pissed- parking lot flexi
Prins Carl- little puppet
Metalleg- convict
Failed Mutation- when you're dead
Rudest Priest- serve and protect
Abuse- internal war
No Time- shit society
Rogue Trooper- don't wanna get stabbed
Yum-Yuckers- you're next
N.E.G.- shit
Might Makes Right- same asshole different name
Oldfashioned Ideas- this time is mine
Nightfall- apathy
Malokio- baccala
Ancient Filth- hard boiled
Dark Thoughts- i get by

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