Thursday, June 22, 2017

Show #90

Riot Radio Show #90 (7 Year Anniversary)

Damn Broads- reap what you sow
Blank Spell- untouchable world
Agitator- para los muertos
Guerrilleros De Nadie- o como libertador
Exotica- no
Cell- scowl/ vermin
Cleansing Wave- every other
Lebenden Toten- serene fuckers
Nuklear Blast Suntan- complacent living
Perfect Pussy- ll
Doom Town- buried
Midnite Brain- pound of flesh
Malokio- futuro feo
Congenital Death- full
Neighborhood Brats- lip service
Penetrode- fando y lis
Skullians- black eyes
Enamel- control
No More Victims- a superficial science
Stillsuit- 2
S-21- brass gavel
Rakta- intencao
Spanyurd- satan is still my motor in blue island
Failed Mutation- last one standing
Pussy Collector- not being a dick, just being real
Animal Train- welcome to the commonwealth
Pantychrist- carve my name into your chest
Lisa Doll & The Rock n' Roll Romance- running wild
Wild At Heart- haunted
Meter Feeder- lemon trees on mercury
Macho Boys- dinosaur
Latex- eye to eye
Snakehole- spider legs
The Nackers- banana boats
PMT- hangover part 2
Emeute Oi- police brutality
Royal Oi!- skinhead warrior
Ritual Control- no cure
Siren Songs- secrets
Suicidas- la amistad
Tukatukas- revenge
Nihilist Cunt- the ditch

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