Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Show #89

Riot Radio Show #89

HEZ- esclavos
Infant Mortality- two cheeseburgers
Slimy Member- straight and upright
Alement- drunken hopeless future
Ultra- pasion inutil
Dirty + His Fists- beat you down
Exotica- passive victim
Abject- no way out
Wild At Heart- blind mirror
Operation Neptune Spear- money men
Interloper- rizzo baby attacked by rats
Ancient Filth- happy death
Booji Boys- sleazee
Cell- contempt
Penetrode- death = life
Infant Mortality- society
Seeing Snakes- essm
Incisor- fuck work
Slimy Member- revalations
S-21- power abuse
Ultra- fuerza de trabajo
Dirt + His Fists- overclock
Bitch'N'Dudes- my choice, my habbit
Mohawk Barbie- a very important discovery

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