Friday, September 1, 2017

Show #92

Riot Radio Show #92

Orden Mundial- estado de alerta
Grand Collapse- thrissel street
Neophobe- anxiety plague
Infant Mortality- all alone
Macho Boys- we don't owe you anything
No Time- rut
Damn Broads!- reality sideshow
Hez- soy vil
Bad Example- real friends
Matilda's Scoundrels- shackles & bones
E.D.S- forward
Skitkrieg- punx ist skitkrieg
Zorn- intergalactic queen
Ultra- rojo
Soul Glo- inextricable
Population Zero- wasted life
Slimy Member- no god
Rashomon- new horizon
Booji Boys- waiting to die
Dirty + His Fists- annihilation
The Cowboys- crisco kid
Disjawn- while light, black rain
Exotica- asco
Reptoides- futuro perdido
Odd- society's fools
Grand Collapse- llygaid gwyrdd
Penetrode- end user perspective
Neophobe- neurosis
TV Crime- clocking out
Wild At Heart- the line

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