Monday, October 2, 2017

Show #93

Riot Radio Show #93

The Cowboy- peaceful dreamer
Downtown Boys- corra
Bad Example- caustic outlook
Exotica- leech
Damn Broads!- i'm a fake
Joe Biden- pma
E.D.S.- sworn in
Infant Mortality- nonsense
Neophobe- deep breaths
Booji Boys- chameleon
Matilda's Scoundrels- burn it down
Delinquents- not your problem
Grand Collapse- fragment
Plague Dogs- reaper's march
Zorn- comix zone
Population Zero- blast effects
No Time- age of insanity
Macho Boys- cockroach
Trash Knife- kill your selfie
Ultra- no existir
Penetrode- florida life
Orden Mundial- se desvanece
Dirty + His Fists- l pill
Reptoides- nueve especie
Odd- control!
Soul Glo- but fucking why?
Rashomon- corpse syndrome
The Cowboy- golden man
Hez- no es facil

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