Saturday, December 23, 2017

Show #95

Riot Radio Show #95

Negative Space- zero hour contract
Zorn- star reacher
The Celetiods- cable 54
Acrylics- gluttony
Orden Mundial- porque las drogas son veneno
Exotica- pesadilla
Downtown Boys- callate
Infant Mortality- toxic huff
Urban Savage- cruel new order
E.D.S.- gasoline
Damn Broads!- enough is enough
Barrel Kick- side by side
No Time- hang up your boots
Syndrome 81- traitre
Hez- la muerte no espera
Rakta- rodeos pela beleza
Trash Knife- i'm done
The Celetoids- water makes me sick
Neophobe- climbing the walls
Penetrode- egocentric
The Cowboy- on the farm
Plague Dogs- no escape
Grand Collapse- chalk and flint
Corner Boys- be seeing you
Booji Boys- dream of booji

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