Friday, January 19, 2018

Show #96

Riot Radio Show #96

Booji Boys- weekend rocker
The Charley Few- back on the streets
Bikini Cops- violence
The Celetoids- presence
The Cowboy- everyday we grow
Negative Space- without jealousy
Ancient Filth- torture in the usa
Downtown Boys- work
Plague Dogs- shield of lies
Damn Broads!- mindfuck
Grand Collapse- though bloodshot and blurry
Failed Mutation- get out of my face
Syndrome 81- seul contre tous
Barrel Kick- sista
Booji Boys- sister
Bikini Cops- midnight
Trash Knife- tips
Reptoides- j.m. siempre crei en ti
Odd- dementia
Macho Boys- dark place
The Charley Few- trust
Exotica- mundo nuevo

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