Saturday, March 31, 2018

Show #98

Riot Radio Show #98

Bikini Cops- stupid system
Dead Hero- perdiendo el tiempo
The Charley Few- turning up
Syndrome 81- chaque jour
Doubling Boys- sistema
Tarantula- computer ate my brain
Booji Boys- doin’ the pyre
Damn Broads!- king of the scene
Shapeshifter- half dead
The Fritz- dramatic love
Erik Nervous- nervous child
Nosebleed- wrong
Bobby Funk- roid rage ruckus
Sacred Cows- the sound of a 1000 punk bands forming
All Torn Up!- legalized genocide
Grave Turner- endless stream
Plague Dogs- swarm of flies
Impotentie- belgie staat in brand
Shapeshifter- lost life
Aggravated Assault NYC- N.Y.
Throwing Stuff- we wrote this song before david cameron resigned
The Domestics- authentic arsehole
The Cowboy- the door
Dead Hero- ladrones
The Celetoids- must be the gremlins

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