Friday, February 23, 2018

Show #97

Riot Radio Show #97

The Charley Few- who dares wins
Black Volvo- paranoia
E.M.P.- make me sick
All Torn Up!- curse god
Damn Broads!- no fucks given
Throwing Stuff- how do you sleep at night
Menudo Death Squad- pogo to the drunk tank
Dead Hero- pelear para vivir
Doubling Boys- denbora aurora doa
Booji Boys- satisfaction
Tarantula- oozing skull
Erik Nervous- eight jobs
Negative Space- physical form
The Celetoids- kill the sun
Bikini Cops- total control
The Cowboy- smaller rider
Trash Knife- help!?
The Domestics- snuffed out
Exotica- the hand that feeds
Plague Dogs- human dissolved
Pizzatramp- charlie don’t surf
Syndrome 81- le condor de la rade
Bleak Outlook- settle for nothing
The Charley Few- bounce back
Doubling Boys- skinhead

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