Thursday, July 14, 2011

Show #29

Riot Radio Show #29

Midnight Saints- fashion punk
Nightfall- detonation
Fruit Punch- you must be mistaken
Found Dead in a Trunk- the real thing
The Clozapines- american junkies
The Sofistifucks- carnage
The Aristokoks- boink the clown
Skullians- heatscore
Stray Wolfs- pirates way
Upchuck Norris- your kiss tasted sour
Left over Kids- promised land
Youth of Togay- gay nazi skinheads
Feet First- shooting lies
Eat the Government- progress is an atom bomb
Fuck Attack- i gotta piss, so lets do this
Dennis Most & The Instigators- i love my car
Nightfall- the prospect of hope
Distress Signal- fools gold
The Sofistifucks- asshole proclivities
Damn Broads- fashion punx fuck off
Big City Bombers- dope days
Blue Collar Convicts- two and change
Rubbish- left me for dead
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