Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show #30

Riot Radio Show #30

Night Fever- better off dead
Nightfall- rotting cities
Fruit Punch- test of faith/ dedication
The Sofistifucks- idiot life
Stomping Ground- fascist cops
Midnight Saints- i want out
Wiener And The Beans- straight outta detox
Stray Wolfs- stray wolfs
The Barons- 2 fast 2 live
Upchuck Norris- i was sleeping in a pool of blood, puke , and urine
The Apes Party- nobody get worry
The Fighting 405- workers world
Fuck Attack!- frontman
The Miscreantz- education
The Clozapines- screen
Night Fever- new blood
The MAGS- penetrate the earth
The Cumstains- dead texan
Youth of Togay- bears on the prowl
Dennis Most and The Instigators- he's a whore
Skullians- m.a.t.t.
Blue Collar Convicts- situation the same
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