Friday, August 12, 2011

Show #31

Riot Radio Show #31

Lebenden Toten- twitching brains
Bucket Flush- dildo in dad's shoe
Rubbish- partial birth abortion
The Trowels- stuck in traffic
Dopestroke- i've got hate
Population Zero- common alliance
Laffing Life- the journalist
Self Conscious- train's leaving
The Sofistifucks- police malfeasance
Fuck Attack!- on tape
Eat The Government- movement
Upchuck Norris- barf symptom
Nightfall- extinction defined
Weiner And The Beans- crime scene
Skullians- so low
Manovalanza- le cose che vorresti (
Night Fever- nuclear war
Fruit Punch- you are your own monster
Go Die Scum- apocalypse for now
Abserdo- sit down, shut up
J.C.D- white lies
Dennis Most & The Instigators- widows delight
Feet First- stuck myself
Silent Order- false flag
Lebenden Toten- death culture
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