Thursday, August 25, 2011

Show #32

Riot Radio Show #32

The Bad Doctors- Gunpowder
Self Conscious- ambo
SpEd- by the flag pole
Lebenden Toten- poison wave
Constant Doubt- you and i
Gone Drinkin'- summer camp 88
No Lessons Learned- paid for with hard work
Aristokoks- i win
Night Fever- insane
Spew- reasons known
Nightfall- unsustainable
Suicidal Sacrifice- suicidal sacrifice
The Hated- drinking for a living
Upchuck Norris- vomit, eat, repeat
Skullians- amesbury park
Sputnic- luckless
Lighten Up- get the poison out
The Nackers- buddy buddy
Lebenden Toten- no release
The Panix- overdose
The Sofistifucks- cc ae 217
SpEd- lunchbox love note
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