Friday, September 9, 2011

Show #33

Riot Radio Show #33

Sheer Contempt- shit to me
Skullians- afterparty!
Terminals- lies
Brutal Youth- not angry
Bumpin' Tacos- boom chi
The Rotten- enemy of the state
Ab Irato- thrills and pills
Machine Gun Dolly- nuclear generation
Stray Wolfs- stray wolfs
Convicted Youth- mdamc
Combat Crisis- face the crowd
Lebenden Toten- near dark
Constant Doubt- hard decisions
Lighten Up- lost in space
Bad Doctors- sisyphus and the gate
No Lessons Learned- grumpy guts
Sheer Contempt- can't deal
Self Conscious- stay together for the lease
The Apes Party- i don't give a shit
Night Fever- still kicking
SpEd- jenni's got a nosebleed
Animal Train- welcome to the common wealth
The Barons- raw deal
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