Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Show #43

Riot Radio Show #43

Sickoids- permanence
Born Wrong- burn a debt
Subsistance- network assault
Aristokoks- why
Negative Degree- one horse town
Mutant Genes- wall street blues
Cleansing Wave- hey baby
The Miscreantz- dub-step into traffic
NERV- nail biter
Dopestroke- around the corner
Casanovas In Heat- calling bluffs
Illegal Action- never gonna fall in love
The Mostly Dead- brutal ground
Fuck Attack- tough job
Population Zero- less people
The Dirty Works- let me be me
Spanner- fashion victims
Sickoids- hope subsides
Skunx- law & order
M.N.S.- 49 anni
State Violence- state violence pt2
The Miscreantz- nightmare city
The Shakes- no one likes my baby
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