Sunday, July 15, 2012

Show #44

Riot Radio Show #44 Two Year Spectacular

Love Panther- booze n' drugs
Damn Broads!- work sux oh fuck
The Apes Party- i don't give a shit
Big City Bombers- my life
The Barons- mercury rising
Animal Train- global market
The Hated- neurotic
Feet First- nothing to find
Combat Crisis- fool me twice
Yesterday's Heroes-  these are the days
Temporal Sluts- you drink too much
Found Dead In A Trunk- the real thing
The Nackers- smash your head off
The Legacys- determination
The Miscreantz- education
Gone Drinkin'- missing the point
Go Die Scum- asset trip
Machine Gun Dolly- nuclear generation
Germ Attak- revenge
Subsistance- who draws the line
Skullians- black eyes
Broadcast Zero- i don't care
Brutal Youth- 2 hits
The Runs- blue collar punk
No Comply- us against them
The Bad Doctors- gunpowder
Manovalanza- adesso basta
The M.A.G.S.- search results for punk
J.C.D.- my society
Eat The Government- what gives you the right to kill me
Laffing Life- the journalist
Distress Signal- perverting the motherland
Manipulation- silence
Lebenden Toten- near dark
Midnight Saints- fashion punk
The Screwballz- a spoiled generation
Fruit Punch- you must be mistaken
Stray Wolfes- stray wolfes
Upchuck Norris- barf symptom
Self Conscious- skate weather
Spent Flesh- nikki
The Vignettes- f.u.u.f.f.
Creamers- purgatory
Pretty Bullshit- puddle jumpin'
Pussy Collector- white trash love affair
Moshiach Oi!- this is my god
The Panix- skin and bone
Nightfall- detonation
Rebel Dead- carry on
The McGunks- another round to go

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