Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Show #45

Riot Radio Show #45

A-Town Sluts- police training 101
Media Blitz- hold us back
School Damage- funenployment
Dipers- dog mosh
NERV- definition
Munchausen- drained
Agitator- fucked up
Born Wrong- party banter
Damn Broads!- in their hands
Skullians- 84
Dopestoke- help unwanted
The Aristokoks- bosses
Illegal Action- suburban night blast
Farler's Fury- a call to arms
Youths- welfare
Convicted Youth- the dayman cometh
Mutant Genes- can't cope
Sickoids- bleached bodies
Cleansing Wave- hive minds
The Mostly Dead- you suck at interventions
Negative Degree- service industry
The Dirty Works- get out
Brutal Youth- heart and soul
The Miscreantz- where can we turn
Media Blitz- leaving the nest

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