Friday, September 21, 2012

Show #46

Riot Radio Show #46

Media Blitz- the losing race
Agitator- para los muertos
Negative Degree- meet & greet
A-Town Sluts- new entertainment
Night Birds- bad biology
Cleansing Wave- every other
Dopestroke- negative, angry, and depressed
Murder City Hooligans- back of an ambulance
The Dirty Works- bible belt
Ass Piss- rubber bullets
Nihilist Cunt- skate killer
A Fight With Sledgehammers- disperse
Anal Warhead- destroy the world
Guerrilleros De Nadie- o como libertador
To Be Hated- outsourced
School Damage- i wanna be wasted
The Rebel Spell- feel the same
Farler's Fury- the queen and the sea
Night Birds- unanswerable
Media Blitz- washed away
The Mostly Dead- cephalopods
Society's Ill's- kingdom of bliss
Munchausen- couch rot
A Disco For Ferns- sangre
Mutant Genes- abused
NERV- discipline
Sickoids- human steps
Dipers- fuck technology

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